It’s $5 Council Bluffs – Fast Pass Winners

Weekend of November 9

Saturday Open

  • Yadi Isidro Moreno
  • Vanessa Barragan
  • Stacy Hudson
  • Antonio Martell
  • Melissa Williams

Saturday 1pm

  • Teresa Cherney
  • Chalee Lane Ryle
  • Christine Rothermund
  • Colleen Zbylut
  • Sena Sekpe Gnonlonfoun

Saturday 4pm

  • Kathy Clayton
  • Danielle Bentzinger
  • Flora Smith
  • Kay Jurgens
  • Stephaine Perez

Sunday 11am

  • Tracy Sewell Wood
  • Crista Renteria
  • Al Miller
  • Lisa Stanley Melton
  • Chuck De Vetter

Sunday 2pm

  • Dee Nichols
  • Chevy Carlson
  • Betty Shank
  • Jackie Hill Reafleng
  • Cristy Swanson Orth

59 thoughts on “It’s $5 Council Bluffs – Fast Pass Winners”

  1. I always enjoy going to the five dollar store I go at least twice a week such great bargains I am given up my garage sale just go shop your store is much better bargains ! Thank you for coming to our area .

  2. Donna Iracheta

    I have been twice and LOVE it…..its like Christmas day opening up boxes not knowing what’s inside!!!!!

  3. I took my chosen parents to the Sunday sale on the 6th. It was the first time any of us had been on a $5 day. It was very exciting. We stood in a line to get in. The wait made everything a little more fun. We had a hoot! My husband got me the most amazing shower head and some black out curtains. My uncle bought several art related items worth hundreds of dollars. He was so excited. They said they want to try a Saturday when they visit in November. I personally have the very best time on Fridays. Hunting for the gems is my favorite part. Last friday my husband found me the most amazing overalls that are now my favorite article of clothing I own.
    I love Its $5! I love how it is breathing life into the Mall of the Bluffs and Council Bluffs! Thanks It’s $5!

  4. Theresa Miller

    This has become my favorite past time…Never a day yet,that we haven’t found incredible deals…We live an hour away, but our trip is definitely worth it..The staff have always been very kind & helpful…This place just puts a smile on your face…I definitely recommend going & digging yourself up some great deals 😁

  5. 5.00 in Council Bluffs is the ultimate best store ever. I get great finds each and every time. I have bunch of my friends going regularly now.

  6. My husband and I visit It’s $5 in Council Bluffs every week and really enjoy the treasure-hunting aspect of the store. The employees are friendly and we’ve found a lot of great deals! We’ve recommended the store to friends and family and they enjoy it as well. We recently took a vacation to Kansas City and made sure part of our visit included a trip to one of the It’s $5 stores in the area. Definitely recommend checking out It’s $5 Co Bluffs.

  7. This store is the best! I am actually redoing our motorhome for my blog with $5 and under finds. It is really becoming quite the story since my new goal is to redo it with only It’s $5 finds and the cheaper the better. Such an asset to Council Bluffs! We are so proud It’s $5 chose us!

  8. This store is life-changing! Great deals on a wide variety of items. I need to research to keep up with the diverse assortment of products available.

  9. Your store made it possible to upgrade my life! From facial/massage products, tools for the garage, Evening formal wear and swimsuits, small àppliences and many wonderful surprises. It’s like a treasure hunt!

  10. Samantha Dingman

    It’s $5 made it so easy to get the things needed for my upcoming grandson. I got my daughter a Medula breast pump in the bag with all the accessories, bottles, bags, cooling system everything, also a bottle warmer, really cute bibs, towels, bottles, onesies, everything I’m so appreciate the fact this store gave me the opportunity to buy so much for my little peanut making his appearance soon!! Thanks It’s $5!!

  11. I have gotten so many great things from this store it’s impossible to pick a favorite. But one of the best finds was the exact tv wall mount that I needed to hang my very large tv, I was having trouble finding it anywhere in stores. Thank You

  12. It’s $5 saves my family so much money every single day! From food to health & beauty products to camping items to toys to household items!

    The staff up front are always super friendly and will help you look for items!

  13. This store is so much fun! I am literally smiling and laughing the whole time I’m there. I get great deals, find cool things I never even knew I needed, but I love them. If you haven’t tried this place out come on out and join the fun!

  14. Extremely happy with shopping at the Council Bluffs store. So far, I’ve found a complete home security system, a power saw, a cordless drill and various wall decor items. My wife and I absolutely love this store and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful.

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