It’s $5 Belton – Fast Pass Winners

Week of November 9th

Saturday Open 11/9

  1. Antonio Acosta
  2. Lauren Nekoe Remines
  3. Melissa Morgan
  4. Apostle Yolanda Brown
  5. John Curtis

Saturday 2:30pm 11/9

  1. Anita Russo Erwin
  2. Amalee Adams
  3. Marina Rivera
  4. Luis Reseniz
  5. Haidon Micah Rogers

Sunday 11am 11/10

  1. Hu Qin
  2. Faith Charli Ogden
  3. Nineth Figueroa
  4. Hosea Johnson
  5. Carrie Crittendon

Sunday 2:30pm 11/10

  1. Riche Noyfb
  2. Susan Degrave Newman
  3. April Kohler Gammil
  4. Donna J Kappenman
  5. Patty Crittendon

57 thoughts on “It’s $5 Belton – Fast Pass Winners”

  1. Lashauna Williams

    I went Saturday 7/20/19. Had the best time! I found lots of great items. It’s funny I went in with a list and was able to get everything I was looking for for only $5 an item. I will be back.

  2. Fast pass o’ fast pass
    how I like your sass

    I’ve never had a fast pass
    and would really be a happy lass!

  3. Love going to its $5! It’s always an adventure and have never left disappointed. Any day of the week always find a great deal!!!

  4. Lindsey Gillespie

    Absolutely love it here! The staff is so friendly and this store is a blessing to broke college students!

  5. First time going was last Sunday and I couldn’t believe the amazing things I found. Def be back tomorrow.

  6. Amanda Harness

    I love the Belton It’s $5 store! I go every weekend now! I have found so many great deals! I am already halfway done with my Christmas shopping. Staff is always very friendly. Shopping here is so much fun!

  7. Bridget Ramsey

    Absolutely love this store. The workers are great here. Look forward to the weekends to see what’s new and score great bargains. Looking forward to the upcoming weekend.

  8. Sheri Baldwin

    I heard about this place through my husband and am hooked! Fun staff and you never know what you’re going to find.

  9. What a great place to shop, lots of treasures that you would not expect for only $5!
    My favorite store it’s $5 Belton

  10. Great store great manager and assistant manager. Would love a fast pass 🤘🏼Been coming every week since day 1. Literally

  11. Once again a great day at the Belton location during the 2pm restock, Saturday the 10th. Met some more great people, found some out this world items including a Smart Watch. Can’t wait for next weekend.

  12. Once again found fabulous bargains at Saturday’s 2 o’clock restock at the Belton location. Wish they would restock everyday, lol.

  13. Love the Belton store, it’s so much fun searching for great stuff and the staff make it a lot of fun too, cheering on there patrons for great finds!

  14. Love this store in belton missouri employees are very nice and you can find a lot of cool stuff cheap!!!!!!! Wow is about all you can say.

  15. Jonathan Galloway

    Last week was my 1st time going. I’m totally hooked now. Great finds every trip. Visited 3 times in my 1st week

  16. Belton store rocks employees and the customers are a lot nicer and more respectful than the other locations. Missed maybe 3 weekends since the store first opened. Worth checking out have found Apple Watches, $1500 canon camera, iPads and a iPhone plus ton of other valuable stuff.

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