It’s $5 Olathe – Fast Pass Winners

Weekend of November 16th and 17th

Saturday Open 9am

  • Spot #1
  • Spot #2 Mystery Box Monday
  • Spot #3
  • Spot #4 Mystery Box Monday
  • Spot #5

Saturday 2:30pm Reload

  • Spot #1
  • Spot #2
  • Spot #3 Mystery Box Monday
  • Spot #4
  • Spot #5 Mystery Box Monday

Sunday Open 11am

  • Spot #1 Mystery Box Monday
  • Spot #2
  • Spot #3
  • Spot #4 Mystery Box Monday
  • Spot #5

Sunday 2:30pm Reload

  • Spot #1
  • Spot #2 Mystery Box Monday
  • Spot #3
  • Spot #4
  • Spot #5 Mystery Box Monday

98 thoughts on “It’s $5 Olathe – Fast Pass Winners”

  1. Cindy Chambers

    Love looking for all the treasures. My daughter has found many items to help with the kids she does therapy with

    1. Thanks for stopping in. We would like to award you a FAST PASS this weekend 7-27 for spot #3 at 9am. Please redeem by 850am on Saturday morning. See you out there!

          1. We usually go to the Claycomo location but recently we have been checking some of the other stores out… we have really enjoyed seeing the way the other locations work. We have so much fun on Saturday mornings we wouldn’t think of doing anything else!!

  2. Best way to get my whole family together with great employees at the Olathe location!! It’s always a mystery!

  3. I love the Olathe Store!! Best customer service and is always fun for my whole family to get together!!!

  4. I’m so excited that you are in Olathe now. My granddaughter (8) and I have been going to Belton and we have so much fun! Now that you are in Olathe we can go so much more!!

  5. Can’t wait to shop the Olathe store with my sister when she’s in town next Saturday. My mom passed away earlier this year but she would have LOVED it’s $5. Well shop in her memory!

  6. My mom has been telling me a lot about this place and how amazing it is and about all the cool stuff she has found. I’d really like to come check it out on Saturday!

  7. Carlena Bulkley

    I’m so excited to find out there’s now a store in Olathe!! My granddaughter and I have been going to Belton. Well worth it but now we can go even more since it’s closer. We will be there this weekend!

  8. Carlena Bulkley

    I’m so excited to go to the Olathe store! We will be there this weekend! My granddaughter and I find fun things every time we go.

  9. Awesome fun trying to find the next great deal. I will definitely shop at the Olathe location again. Great staff. Very helpful answering questions for my first Saturday outing.

  10. Wow, what a fun treasure hunt!!! We always go in not needing anything & come out with items we’ve always wanted to try, but didn’t want to pay full price for. I love a good fine and we’ve found several.
    The staff is so nice!!! I’ve seen some people totally be unreasonable. The staff handle it with such grace and integrity. Kudos to them!!

  11. The Olathe location is a true fun mystery!!! They are some of the greatest staff member all excited and care about the the customers

  12. Always an adventure to see what you can find. The staff in Olathe are all so nice. They handle each and every restock so well.

  13. Omg… I love it!! I find all kinds of goodies Last week I found two beautiful Belle costumes! Perfect for our Disney trip in January!! The staff is always friendly and helpful and so are most of the shoppers!!

    1. Hi Terri! Thanks for the review! We would love to see you again this weekend! YOU HAVE WON A FAST PASS! Please reply back letting me know if you would rather come Saturday(8/24) at 9am or 230pm or Sunday(8/25) at 11am?

  14. I have found soooooo many great items here! Waterford crystal wine glasses, lots of decorations for my daughters unicorn themed bday party, super cute kids school outfits, gifts, truck cover, appliances, house wears, tools and so much more!! Love this store!

  15. Brianna Campbell

    This place is so awesome!! I’ve gone so many time and never left empty handed! Scared to attempt a Saturday morning, but may do one here soon!

    1. Congratulations Mickey you have one a fast pass for Spot #5 on Saturday (8/31) at 9am! Be sure to show up 10 minutes early to claim your fast pass at the door. We will see you there!

    1. Amy we hope your ready for another great treasure hunt beacause you just won a FAST PASS for Spot #4 on Saturday (8/31) at 2:30pm. Please show up 10 minutes early and claim your fast pass at the door.

  16. This was our first experience and we will return again for sure. I brought my sister and husband. Lots of fun. Great fun for your family.

    1. We got new stripes on our parking lot to make parking easier! Also don’t worry about arriving too early (just 10 minutes) to get a good number because you just won a FAST PASS for Spot #5 on Saturday September 7th at 9am! we will see you out there!

      1. After a long day at work, decided to go to clear my mind. Wow! it did worked and found awesome deals. It was after 5 and still found great stuff. Will continue to go. Love the place! 💕

    1. Melanie we are excited to see you this weekend! So excited that we are going to give you a FAST PASS!!! You have won spot #3 Saturday September 7th at 9am. See you out there!

    1. Erica we are excited that you are excited to visit us! I put you down for a Fast Pass for tomorrow Saturday September 21st at 2:30pm! please arrive 10 minutes early to claim your Fast Pass!

    1. Those initails stand for Mystery Box Monday. Its not rigged its just that those fast passes from the mystery boxes weren’t claimed on Monday. If those passes aren’t claimed at the time of entry we raffle them off at the door. Sorry for the confusion.

  17. I don’t know what to say about this store, except that it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I love everything about this store from the employees to the way it is run by the management. Keep up the good work!

  18. My 15 year old and I have mommy/daughter bonding time each Saturday hunting for treasures in Olathe. My oldest is moving out soon so finding brand new household items for $5 is a big help!

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