Is coming to It’s $5 on a Sunday worth your trip?

I secret shopped our Claycomo store to check out the raffle and to see what products I could find on a Sunday afternoon. The weather was pretty sunny, and there were about 100 people waiting in line to shop after the 2 pm Sunday restock. I walked up to the smiling employee who handed me a ticket.  My number was 66.  A few of the fast pass winners didn’t arrive, so the manager called out random numbers to come to the front of the line to take their place. With 66 people lined up in front of me, I wasn’t sure what type of items I would find.  Upon entering the store, a cart was given to me, and I began my search.  I wanted to find any items I could use as Christmas or birthday gifts. At first, I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I saw a man throwing every brown box he could find into his cart. I thought to myself, he must be a re-seller.  Another man ripped open a box, and threw it back into a bin. I kindly asked him to put the items back into the box.  Customers have to hold each other accountable because that behavior ruins the shopping experience for everyone else. In my hunt, I found all the following items and more!

I found my way to the front of the store where are the accessories lie. One minute into my search I found this awesome head wrap fit for a princess or a bride. In my case, a Christmas present for my 5-year-old daughter who loves anything that sparkles.
Next, I looked through the first four bins on the floor, and didn’t find anything that I really wanted. I saw a big bag of gift bags.  I purchase so many gift bags for $4 or $5 each that I couldn’t pass up the bargain. They were rainbow-colored, and the perfect size for the typical small toy I buy for my daughter’s friends. 
Then, I perused the bins with clothing, and find the most adorable pink hedgehog mittens. I had just the friend in mind to gift these to for the holidays.
Have you seen these bras that are backless and strapless? I have purchased many of these bras in the past for around $20 a piece. They say they are reusable, but I haven’t had much luck reusing mine. I was so excited to find one in a bin that was my size. I stopped buying them because it was getting too expensive, but I couldn’t pass up this bargain at only $5.
I live right next to the lake so in the summer months mosquitoes are everywhere. I don’t want to spray my family down with toxic chemicals, so these bracelets are a great alternative. At this price, I will spend less than I would for a bottle of “organic” repellent.
This was one of my favorite finds of the day. A water + sand play kit. I know my daughter will love getting this under the tree. After I looked up the price online, I knew I was getting a fantastic deal on this gift.

To answer my original question, what is worth shopping at It’s $5 on Sunday? ABSOLUTELY! I found some Christmas gifts and a bunch of items that were way cheaper than retail prices. Did I find an Ipad? No, but a man next to me did find a really cool drone. I calculated my savings on my purchases, and it was well over $100. I was also able to get a few gifts for friends that I normally do not shop for – a great way to spend my Sunday afternoon.