Raffled Restocks

We restock It’s $5 every weekend!! On Saturdays we restock the store at open. Missouri and Kansas stores have an additional restock at 2 pm Saturdays. Iowa stores have two additional restocks, one at 1 pm and the next at 4 pm. On Sundays, we restock our stores at open at 2 pm at all stores.  Restocks are an exciting time at our stores, and customers love to take advantage of our amazing deals.  Get black Friday deals every weekend of the year! To ensure all of our customers have an equal opportunity to get great deals, please follow the rules detailed below. 

  • There is no advantage to waiting in line. Everyone has an equal opportunity to be first in line with our raffle system.
  • We begin the raffle about 15 minutes before we first open the store in the morning.
  • Raffles for afternoon restocks occur 15 minutes after restock times, with doors opening 30 minutes after restock times.
  • Get a raffle ticket and line up in the correct zone.
  • Please enter under your own number. If you have children 12 and under, they may enter into the store with you.
  • If you and a shopping partner want to enter the store together, you must enter in on the higher number.
  • Do not take more than one number.
  • Alternate entrances will not be opened until all raffle participants have entered the store.
  • Didn’t make it to our store at a restock time? Simply enter into the store. We only have a raffle system for the first guests that come in at a restock time.